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"We just completed an estate sale of excess personal property that we had accumulated over the years. My first decision was to hire Brian Owens to manage the process and sale fo..."

Sandra and Gary Fernandes

"Had a great time going through all the rooms, what a great variety of items to look at and see if you had any of the same things. What a great find and happy atmosphere. Thanks ..."

Sharon Gray


"One of the best run estate sales I've ever attended. The items were well displayed and clearly marked, and staff members all wore badges making it easy for you to locate someon..."

Wolfe City, Texas

Eagerly Sought Estate Sale Services

Here is what is coming up! 

*DATE CHANGE* Kerley Family Estate Sale: November 10th-12th 9AM-4PM 13th 1-4 Denison, Texas

please click on the Kerley Sale above to be taken to lots of pictures and other information.

YOUR SALE: Call for a free consultation, it's never too early to call and get some vital info!

Book your sale today! Call 903-378-3112 #2

It does take anywhere from 2 to 4 weeks to properly clean, set up, stage, price and advertise a sale. PLEASE do not wait till the last minute, it will cost you time and money in the end. We specialize in large estates with lots of stuff ... DO NOT throw anything  away before contacting a professional, that too can cost you lots of money .. See below for some pointers, we'd love to at least talk with you at no obligation and see if we are the right fit for you and your sale :) 

Please make sure you are ON our ESTATE SALE EMAIL LIST by signing up for it today! You can do this to the left or click HERE

Yes, this is a lot of information, it would be in your best interest to read it all and understand it; as you are about to embark on one of the most overwhelming, stressful and emotional task of your life and it should not be taken lightly or without having all the facts; it can and will cost you thousands of dollars not knowing all the options and facts. Even if you don't chose Eagerly Sought, you can use this information when interviewing others. Eagerly Sought's goal is to educate our clients and customers, both real and potential. There are a LOT of folks out there posing as professional liquidators. Do they have insurance, we do. Are they a licensed business in the State of Texas, we are. Do they have a client base of over 7500 organic, loyal clients, we do .. There is SO SO much more to doing an estate sale than just setting up and opening it .....

Estate Sales are done for many reasons nowadays. People are downsizing, relocating and other reasons, besides the loss of a loved one. More people now than ever are attending Estate Sales, with all the TV shows, hype of treasure finding, as well as recycling and getting a bargain, you can't go wrong with having a professional estate sale rather than just a Family run "garage sale". Whatever your reason or need for having an Estate Sale, Eagerly Sought is there to assist you in this often overwhelming and emotional task. We will work hard to maximize the fiscal return from the Estate as well as minimize your overall stress associated with it. We run a professional operation from set-up to wrap up. Every Estate is different, and we pride ourselves in being able to adapt to any situation, condition or environment. Trust me, we have seen it all, so don't worry about the state of the estate. We offer many solutions that others don't; such as a optional "RSVP Event" for VIP's the evening prior to the sale, we can work directly with a person appointed by the executor or the executor themselves. We have a large email list, do proper advertising of the sale, among other "secrets" we have leaned throughout the years. Presentation not only guarantees a more successful sale, but it shows a great respect for the property previously cherished by the owner of them, and results in items being sold for more than thought. We do NOT just slap masking tape on things and throw them in a pile. We have professional tagging equipment, tags, among many display pieces to make it look like a boutique, that customers LOVE and buy more of it.

Any person or family member who finds themselves needing to sell, or liquidate inherited or personal property, or someone having to "deal with it", will benefit from the services of a experienced, compassionate, honest, and professional Estate Sale Service. The biggest mistake one can make is NOT contacting one to at least find out the facts. Contact us now for a no obligation consultation.   

Store: 903-378-3112 cell: 214-566-5058 or

When you contact us we will set a convenient time for you, sit down, discuss your needs and expectations. Based on that conversation, we will present a plan of action and give you all your options we can provide. It's of vital importance that you feel comfortable with and trust the Company that is going to be performing your Estate Sale as well as we feel the same about you. Eagerly Sought strives to meet and exceed every expectation you, as our Client may have. This is not a task that you want to put off any longer than you possibly can. When a home is vacant there are a plethora of problems that start right away. It does take some time to properly clean, arrange, sort, price, market and promote your sale the right way. Anything worth doing it worth is worth doing right is our philosophy. This task of an Estate Sale is something you don't want to rush and haphazardly put together. Eagerly Sought would like to have the chance to earn your business, so give us a call. There are some things you need to know RIGHT NOW, even if you don't use us. We have listed them below and hope they help you.

I will also interject here that if you are solely concerned with getting it done as cheap as possible, sacrificing professionalism, ethics, and class, then there is no need to contact Eagerly Sought, we take great pride in our service we provide. While we are VERY competitive in our pricing and there are few that can "out do" us when it comes to our service; we will not tarnish our reputation by doing a "cheap" job for anyone, anytime, sorry.

Our commission rates are 35% to 50% depending on what, where and how you want it done.

Useful information to use right away to avoid costly mistakes

1. Start talking with and interview Estate Sale Professionals now, you need to know your options, call references, and make decisions. You really need to talk to at least 2, if possible three that have been in the business for at least two years.

2. Do NOT Throw ANYTHING away, I have had clients throw thousands of dollars of merchandise away unknowingly. You would not believe what people will buy, so don't discard anything until after we meet and discuss it. There are some exceptions: Common household trash, perishable items that will mold or mildew, and of course personal documents with information that could be used for fraud; this all need to be removed and or thrown away.

3. Don't turn off the electricity, gas or Internet if currently available. Furthermore, these utilities will be needed to properly do your sale. If you have a timer, put a lamp, TV in a couple rooms and have them go on and off, the appearance of someone living there will detour criminals.

4. The family needs to pick a "spokesperson" to make the decisions, and be "in charge" of the negotiations, handling, etc. of the sale and process, if there is a executor, that would legally be the person we would need to deal with. To many "Chiefs" will make it a living nightmare for everyone involved, trust me on this one! We are respectful of all involved but will not get in the middle of family squabbles or greed that sprouts up way too often.

5. Change the locks or re-key the house, only the person "in charge" and your Estate Sale Service will need to have access. This is to ensure it remains secure for you, your Estate Sale Service and the others that may have a vested interest in the Estate. Again, trust me, you will be glad you did.

5. Keep up the appearance of the home, both in and out, to a the normal standard it was, this will help the sale, as well as keep people from knowing it's not occupied.

6. Make sure all involved remove what they are taking from the estate, and all "issues" have been resolved prior to hiring a Estate Sale Service. Don't sell items to anyone outside of Family prior to contacting a estate sale service, this can hurt the sale in more ways that you can imagine, and will likely result in a reputable company not taking the sale. We can help you with this process of valuing what other family members are taking if needed to settle the estate between heirs for a nominal fee.

There are many Estate Liquidators that will NOT, under any circumstance work directly with the family, or people wanting to do the Estate Sale. Eagerly Sought will work with, or without our clients present or involved. We will, together, set ground rules from the beginning so everyone is always on the same page and rarely ever any problems with assumptions, expectations, theft, or lack of respect for all involved.

IF for ANY reason, you feel uncomfortable with someone wanting to do your estate sale, you should follow your gut, even if it's with Eagerly Sought, you always need to "feel" right with anyone performing such a task as this. Eagerly Sought has very pleased references from EVERY client we have had, if you wish to speak with them. This is a very overwhelming task, and you need to have complete confidence that the people you hire will do the best job, be honest, and concerned with YOUR needs and expectations!

Eagerly Sought is bonded for your protection as well as ours. We have and require a signed contract prior to starting the job, again to protect you as well as us. We are also registered with the State of Texas as a legitimate operating business, have a giant retail store in Honey Grove. Owners and employees as well live in the and around the Honey Grove community. In other words we have a lot riding on doing the best job possible and keeping our good reputations. The owner, Brian Owen, is a Volunteer Fireman, President of the Chamber of Commerce, Delivers Meals on Wheels, and cares deeply about the community and the people within it.

We preform Estate Sale within a 50 mile radius of Honey Grove. We have some very reliable colleagues we can recommend for sales outside of that area. This area includes Plano, Allen, Melissa, Sherman, Dennison, Bonham, Paris, Greenville, Sulphur Springs and most cites and communities in between. 

I, Brian Owen, Owner of Eagerly Sought, look forward to speaking with you soon!

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